Since 2005 Atom built their brand on giving you exactly what you want for a price you can actually afford. 

To do this and still afford to use top shelf raw materials (the essential building blocks of all good longboards) Atom cut the fat from the parts of our business that don't directly benefit our customers.  No middle men.  No bloated marketing budgets.  No top team of sales reps trekking across the country with oversized carbon footprints. Nobody beats Atom when it comes to value for money.  Just great quality longboards, designed by riders, at honest prices. That’s the Atom Guarantee.

Atom work hard to make sure the longboard you purchase meets or exceeds your expectations.  Whether you’re looking to cruise around campus in style, bomb your favorite local hill, or just carve it up, Atom has a longboard specifically tailored to your needs and is affordable. The Atom Longboards art best for freeride, downhill and streetkiting. They have a great variety of decks, like drop deck or drop through. The decks are woodys or are made out of bamboo. You get board in 41 or 36 inch. Now you can even get even of the best new electric longboards from atom. Check here and make your choice.



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Atom Drop Through 41" Longboard Grün von beiden Seiten
Atom 41" Drop-Through Longboard
145,00 €
Atom Dropthrough 36" in gelb für Shop
Atom Drop Through 36" Longboard
139,00 €