Based out of Mesa, Arizona, Deville has been manufacturing world-class longboards since 2004. Their mission? “To be rad.” Deville succeeds by making high quality longboard decks and components that will stand the test of time. Deville longboard decks come in three styles: cruiser, free ride, and downhill. They feature various graphics such as pin up girls and their iconic female devil logo.

Their longboards have a reputation in the industry for being hardcore, perfect for cruising city streets, destroying ramps, and doing tricks. Deville longboard wheels are specifically engineered for different styles of riding. Their Green Machine wheels offer the best rebound, speed, and slide. Deville D-Zero wheels are made of a softer urethane. These wheels are excellent for high speed, regardless of the terrain. Their Drifters wheels are formulated for quick response while maintaining speed. They are resistant to flat spots and abrasion.

Looking for a longboard that’s already assembled? Deville has you covered. Equipped with a deck, trucks, wheels, and bearings, Deville complete longboards are ready to ride when they reach your doorstep. All of their complete longboards feature the same graphics you’d get if you bought one of their decks separately. No matter your riding style preference, you won’t be disappointed in Deville longboards!

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Deville Bonnville 43" Micro Drop Deck Longboard
Deville Bonneville - 43" Micro Drop Deck Longboard
189,00 € 
149,00 €