Trampa Schlauch/Tube für 8"

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Trampa inner Tube ist einfach super leicht.

The delivery contents: 1 x Schlauch/Tube

TRAMPA's own Super light weight 8 Inch inner Tube is made by KENDA. This Inner tubes measurements are 200mm (outer diameter) x 45mm (width). Being slightly smaller in dimension & using a slightly thinner rubber compared to the other tubes available on the TRAMPA site, this Inner Tube is therefore slighty lighter in weight!

The TRAMPA / KENDA light weight inner tube handles reasonable psi pressures, but as it is not the thickest/strongest inner tube in the product range, it will not handle the highest inflation rates, so this Inner Tube is more suited to a light-weight or beginner rider rather than a larger sized or Pro level rider. This KENDA Inner tube will fit into all known 8 inch tyres as well as most ATB hubs on the market & it comes as expected with a dust cap! Its always possible to get a puncture in the environments we ride in, so our best advice is always carry a spare if you dont want your day spoiling...

Gewicht: 65g

Größe: 8"