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MBS Core 94 – Axe Mountainboard

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The Core 94 is the perfect choice for kiters and lighter mountainboarders looking for an all round versatile board.

The Core 94 is designed with kiters and lighter mountainboarders in mind. It is a lightweight and versatile board which will help you nail your first freestyle moves. For kiters – the lightweight design together with the grip provided by the T3 tyres make it the perfect choice.

The Core 94 combines the Core 90 and 95 in one model and gets some critical upgrades. The most obvious at first glance is the improvement from the F2 Velcro binding to our F5 ratchet bindings. This is first Core board to ever come stock with any ratchet binding, let alone bindings as strong, comfortable, and adjustable as the new F5.

Less obvious is the upgrade to our new ATS.12 trucks which move from 9.5mm to 12mm axles. That really reduces the chance of bending an axle and allows for standard 28mm x 12mm bearings.

    Deck – Core 94 (Axe)
    Trucks – ATS.12
    Bindings – F5
    Tyres – T3
    Hubs – FiveStar
    Bearing – 12x28mm


        Part Description – Core 94 (Axe)
        Rider Style – Kite and Freestyle
        Overall Weight – 5.9 (kg) / 13.0 (lb)
        Overall Length – 108.0 (c) / 42.5 (in)
        Axle to Axle Length – 88.0 (c) / 34.6 (in)
        Deck Construction – Powerlam (Fiberglass, Maple)
        Deck Stiffness – Stiff
        Graphic Material – Maple
        Grip Tape – 46 Grit – Alum. Oxide
        Deck Tip Angle – 20
        Deck Length – 94.0 (c) / 37. (in)
        Deck Width – 22.0 (c) / 8.7 (in)
        Deck Weight – 1.9 (kg) / 4.1 (lb)
        Truck Type – ATS. 12
        Truck Material – Die-Cast Alum. Hanger and Base; Cromoly axle
        King Pin – CrMo
        Suspension – Orange Bushing
        Axle Width – 40.0 (c) / 15.8 (in)
        Axle Diameter – 12mm (Solid)
        Hub Type – FiveStar
        Color – Black
        Accepts Bearing Size (OD) – 28mm
        Bearing – 12x28mm
        Tyre Type – T3 (8″) – 200×50
        Tyre Color – Black
        Binding Type – F5
        Hardware Type – Black Zinc / Nickel
        Grab Handle – Drilling Required
        Brake Compatible – Yes
        Brake Included? – No
        Assembly – Wheels Off Component Pack
        Overall Length with Matrix – 114.4cm
        Overall Length with Vector – 109.1cm
        Overall Length with ATS – 108.7cm


Mountainboard Daten:
Deck Länge: 108.00cm
Deck Material: Powerlam (Fiberglass, Maple)
Deck Winkel: 20°
Board Gewicht: 5.90kg