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Founded in 1993 in Colorado Springs, CO, MBS pioneered the sport of mountainboarding to extend the snowboard season all year round. We are the original mountainboarding company and have been leading the industry by developing innovative and high performance mountainboard products. We are dedicated to the advancement of the sport and its riders and have enjoyed the journey as mountainboarding has spread around the world. MBS - Innovation - Performance - Dedication

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MBS RockStar Pro Hub in silber
MBS RockStar Pro Hub
109,90 €
MBS Matrix II Pro Truck System Produktbild
MBS Matrix II Pro (Hollow Axle) Truck System Mounainboard
75,00 €
MBS F5 Bindings in schwarz 01
MBS F5 Bindings
74,90 €
MBS T2 9" Mountainboard Reifen in schwarz bei Cityboarding
MBS T2 9" Mountainboard Reifen
69,90 €
MBS F4 Pro Bindings - weiß für Mountainboards
MBS F4 Pro Bindings - White
85,90 € 
69,90 €
MBS F4 Bindung in schwarz für Mountainboard
MBS F4 Bindings - Black
65,90 €
MBS ATI Pro Ti Truck Mountainboard Achse
MBS ATS Pro Ti Truck Mountainboard Achse
59,90 €
MBS F5 Heel Straps Produktbild
MBS F5 Heel Straps Mountainboard
58,00 €
MBS Core Pad Set
MBS Core Pad Set
34,95 €
MBS Helmet Grafstract White von der Seite
MBS Helmet
32,50 €
MBS ATS 12 Truck in Weiß
MBS ATS 12 Truck
29,90 €
MBS Coil Leash bei Kiteshop Cityboarding
MBS Coil Leash
21,50 €

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