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Primo Alpha lite

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PRIMO ALPHA - Premium 8 Inch All purpose Dirt Tyres

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The PRIMO ALPHA Lite tyre is a super light-weight Off-Road Tyre. Using just 2 PR of the finest grade rubber & incorporating a very high TPI under its skin combined together these secret details reduce weight considerably, making its reputation as the worlds best Off Road 8-inch Tyre! When inflated the PRIMO ALPHA Lite tyre measures 200x50mm. The Tyre incorporates a 3.75 inch Steel Band into the rim to hold everything in position & it slips onto the TRAMPA hubs perfectly. The ALPHA tyre will fit to all known hub Brands that are used for Mountainboarding & Kiteboarding. 

Made from relatively softish rubber the ALPHA tyre gives fantastic grip. Its design incorporates a wide center bead to allow & maintain straight line speed, whist its surrounding edges are beautifully sculptured wide grooves that supply high levels of grip regardless of the terrain type. - This tyre really is great for all off road applications.

The more you inflate your Tyres the faster you will roll!  The official maximum inflation pressure set by the factory for the ALPHA Tyre is 50psi, but the ALPHA Tyres are made so well & the TRAMPA Hubs are so strong that our Crash test Dummies (I mean Team Riders) have been known to inflate these Tyres well beyond their recommended pressures with no problems to mention. Over inflating your tyres may lead to an explosion which could seriously injure you. If you do decide to go beyond the max inflation pressure ensure your nuts & bolts are tight & deflate back to a regular pressure after use.

8 Inch PRIMO ALPHA Tyre Black, Blue or Red
Weight: 235g