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Prolimit Kite Seat Pro Harness Trapez 2017

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Prolimit Kite Seat Pro Harness Trapez 2017 (S)
Größe: S

Das super kompfortable Prolimit Kite Steat Pro Sitztrapez von 2017

  • Slide in barpad
  • Neoprene cushioned legstraps
  • Back support constrol system
  • Back support adjustment for different body shapes and postures
  • Elastic belt closure
  • 3D seat shaping
  • Allround optimized outline profile
  • Duracore webbing
  • MPL Quad
  • Patented PIN release
  • Internal load plate Mark I

Compact and streamlined Seat harness. The Prolimit Kite Seat Pro harness for anyone who prefers a seat harness. It has a Medium profile with molded upper half that carries the kite load. It has solid spreader bar stability through the use of our double buckle system. These double buckles combined with the molded back support allows a big adjustment of where the power from the kite can be directed into the harness body.