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Trampa Bolt kit for attaching Heel Straps to All Bindings

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Um Heelstraps an L Brackest zu befestigen.

Lieferumfang: 4x Schraube mit Unterlegscheibe und Mutter.

M5 x 25mm Dome headed 'Heel strap' Bolt kit
This A4 Marine Grade stainless steel bolt kit includes the following items -
4 x (M5 x 25mm) Dome headed bolt
4 x M5 Form B Double thickness Washer
4 x M5 Nylock Binding Nut
We use Dome Headed bolts to give a flush & comfortable fit on inside of the footstrap. They do not interfere with your foot in anyway. To fit your heel straps remove the M5x20mm bolts from the back side of each L Bracket & replace with this longer bolt. This extra length will give the space required to fit the Heel straps to the L brackets.
Trampa bolts are dipped in Blue locking paste whilst all of the nuts have been fitted with the world renowned "Nylock" locking system & ensure the most secure fix possible.
Use an 8mm ring spanner to tighten the M5 Nut onto the Bolt &
Ensure all your Nuts & Bolts are nice & tight before you ride!
Weight: 23g