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Trampa Internal Bearing support spacer fits SUPERSTAR hubs

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Passend für SUPERSTAR hubs auf 9.525 Achsen- 9.525mm x 13.55mm x 17.8mm - CNC

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This special Spacer measures 9.525mm (id) x 14mm (od) x 17.8mm (long) & is known as a Bearing Support Spacer. This one fits between the Bearings, located in the Spokes, of a SUPERSTAR hub. This spacer is used when mounting the wheel onto 9.525mm (10mm) or 3/8ths of an inch Axles. It was our intention for the SUPERSTAR hub to have the exact same sized Bearing Support Spacer as that of the HYPA hub (18.2mm), but sadly this could not be & so we were forced to make this special 17.8 x 9.525mm spacer to make everything assemble in the SUPERSTAR hub as perfectly as we like.

The spacer is produced in a long tube, Heat Treated & then CNC cut to the exact length for precision mounting. This Spacer measures 9.525mm (id) x 14mm (od) x 17.8mm (long) & is specifically designed to fit between the bearings of a SUPERSTAR hub onto 9.525mm (10mm) or 3/8ths of an Inch Axles only.