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Trampa Kingping Set

12,00 €
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Trampa Kingping and Bushings Set for Spring Trucks.

Stainless Steel. Weight: 38g


Lieferumfang: ein Set für eine Achse/Truck

These parts will need replacing from time to time to ensure that your deck is running smoothly.

Best advise is that you service your board regularly, make sure everything is running free and smooth (bits of muck get in everywhere and can damage machined parts) and if not running perfectly change the the king pin bushings ( do this at least every 50 hours of riding ) and ensure your board is problem free before riding...

Kit Includes;
8m Kingpin
2 x 2mm bushing
2 x 2.5mm bushin
1 x M8washer
1 x M6 washer
1 x M6 Nylock nut

In this kit you get the following items......
1 x 8mm Nickle Plated Kingpin kit for Spring style trucks.
Heavier than the titanium but much cheaper & just as strong!
This kit includes the following items;
1 x 8mm Re-enforced steel king pin.
1 x M6 Nylock nut.
1 x M8 Form B Double thickness Washer
1 x M6 Form B Double thickness Washer.
2 x 2mm Base King Pin bushings.
2 x 2.5mm Base King Pin bushings.
To assemble, first slip the M8 washer & 2.5mm bushing onto the kingpin, then feed kingpin into hanger & baseplate. Knock it through with a hammer if tight, then slip on the bushing feeding it into its housing, support it with the 6mm washer & secure with the M6 Nylock nut. Make sure your kingpin and nuts are tight!
Weight: 38g