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Trampa Ratchet Bindings

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Ratchet Bindings - Black Straps on Black foam with Black L Brackets & Silver Ratchet

TRAMPA's RATCHET BINDINGS are the number 1 choice of Bindings for Mountain Boarding. The Ratchet Buckle mechanism allows the rider to lever the bindings very tight, much tighter than what is normally achievable compared to other styles, e.g. Velcro Bindings, treating the rider to a locked in & fully connected to the board sensation.

Lieferumfang: Bindung links und rechts mit Befestigungs Schrauben Set.

TRAMPA Bindings wrap snugly over the top of your foot but firm footwear is advisable.... The EVA Foam Padding is 'Ribbed' & 'TRAMPA Embossed' on the underside of the Footstrap. These fine details helps maintain the foot locked into the Bindings whilst riding over rough terrain.   

A Special Hook on the Base of the Ratchet Buckle locates into a special slot on the top of the Footstrap. This clever 3 point connection prevents any movement in the connection of the Straps allowing the rider the confidence in their equipment to concentrate purely on their riding. Although the Ladder strap will ultimately wear over time, it has been re-enforced on both sides at its base, guaranteeing performance when riding.

Stainless steel Dome Headed Bolts connect through the Footstrap into L-Brackets ensuring no discomfort to the foot. The L-Brackets are 'multi positional' allowing the rider the exact foot-stance they require. TRAMPA Bindings are supplied with a Marine grade A4 Stainless Steel deck fixing kit included. Ratchet style bindings are the serious Mountain Board rider’s primary choice binding! Ratchet Style bindings work at their absolute optimum when combined with TRAMPA Heel Straps

1x TRAMPA Footstrap & Ladder Strap - Custom option
4x TRAMPA T6 Aluminium L-Bracket - Custom option
2x TRAMPA Ratchet Buckle with special hook for stabilisation
2x M5 Marine Grade Stainless Steel STAR Nut
2x M5x 10mm Marine Grade Stainless Steel Countersunk Bolt
8x M5x 20mm M5 Marine Grade Stainless Steel Extra Wide Dome Head Bolt
8x M5 Marine Grade Stainless Steel washer
8x M5 Marine Grade Stainless Steel Nylock Nut
Weight: 502g