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Trampa Skate Truck Steel

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TRAMPA Skate Truck - with 3/8ths of an Inch or 9.525mm metric Hardened Steel HOLLOW Axle.

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Be it for Mountainboard or Kiteboard TRAMPA's 9.525mm Hollowed & Heat Treated, Steel Axle Skate Trucks (often referred to as 10mm but accurately measured as 3/8ths of an inch imperial size), are the recommended Truck choice for all small or beginner riders. These Trucks need to mounted at a 15º Angle in order to steer correctly & so you will commonly see them fitted to the TRAMPA 15º decks as this is the perfect mounting angle for them.

Hollowing the steel axle reduces weight drastically & the heat treating process add's in extra strength. To retain as much strength as possible the axle is 1x long Axe running the entire width of the hanger, it is positioned into the mould as the alloy is casted around it. The alloy body of the TRAMPA Hanger & the Embossed Baseplate are high quality Bead polished & lacquered to give the best protection against the harsh elements they will be used in.

The Pivot cup pushes into the pivot cup housing of the Baseplate & Black 98a Rubber Bushings sit within their housings cushioning the metal parts of the skate truck, protecting them from rubbing against each other & allowing the movement in the truck which converts to steering. These little parts get squashed & often suffering harsh environments they incur a lot of abuse & may fail, so in order to maintain max performance from your trucks you to need service/replace these parts over time.

A Steel kingpin connects the Hanger to the Baseplate. This can be upgraded to Stainless Steel or TITANIUM using the attributes in your purchase. The Titanium kingpin is half the weight of steel & never rusts! You can also purchase a Marine Grade Stainless steel (MGST) Bolt kit at a discounted price with your truck purchase, these bolts will never rust on you! Accompanied by the 44mm axle spacer & 1mm shim washers to position the bearings in the exactly, a 3/8ths of an inch MGST Nylock Axle nut tightens perfectly on holding the wheel in the sweet spot on the axle.

This is the lightest ATB truck option on the market! Due to its mega lightness you could argue its over all strength is compromised & arguably it is not as strong as other truck systems in the TRAMPA Truck options, so this trucks suggested use is said to be more suitable for lighter weight riders, i.e. small sized teenagers who require a lighter deck to steer & of course who will not push as many forces through the setup natrally. Larger riders should not use these trucks without being aware of this...

However its often te case that large sized kiteboard riders often choose to ride these trucks simply because they are so much lighter than any of the other trucks, the fact that they may bend over time or even break under seriously heavy usage (They often get dropped from great heights when kiteboarding always land awqwardly!!) bears no odds to them because they want the lightest of equipment & at only £50 a pair they are cheap to replace....

9.525mm (10mm) x 28mm x 8mm TRAMPA Skate size Bearings fit directly to the TRAMPA 10mm Skate Trucks.

Cast Aluminum Skate Hanger - POLISHED & Lacquered
9.525mm HOLLOW Steel Axle - 15.5 Inch Wide
Skate Style Baseplate - Polished
Nikel plated Rust proof Kingpin
15º Mounting Angle required
Fits to - Fits to 15º TRAMPA Decks
Weight: 521g