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Trampa Tread Tyres 8 Inch

17,00 €
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TRAMPA TREADS General purpose Dirt TYRES - 8 Inch Tyre

Allzweckreifen von Trampa.

Lieferumfang: 1 x Reifen (Mantel)

The 8 Inch TRAMPA TREAD Tyres are somethig special! They use an Intelligent Tread Pattern incorporating GRIP on GRIP! Available in 2 differnent rubber compounds & suitable for nearly all applications that TRAMPA is associated too in extreme off & on road riding, TRAMPA TREADS Tyres will rarely let you down! SOFT compound is lighter in weight & grippier on hard surfaces (perfect for freestyle) whilst the HARD compound tyre is amazing on soft sufaces as it dig's in for grip & is much more durable & long lasting specially on hard surfaces.        

Moulded into the Rim of the Tyre is a 3.75 Inch STEEL BAND. Using a relatively regular TPI (TPI means Threads Per Inch & is the number of threads holding the two steel bands in position giving the tyres its structure for the rubber to be moulded into) the tyre is stitched together giving a solid, inflatable strucure. The recommended tyre pressure set by the factory is 50psi, this will inflate the tyre to have maximum a dimension of 200x50mm (8 x 2 inch). TRAMPA TREADS tyre will fit to all other 8 Inch wheeled Mountainboard & Kite-Landboards currently on the market.!

Trampa Treads 8 inch Tyre - Super Grippy Soft Compound
Recommended Inflation 50psi
Inflated tyre diameter 200mm
Inflated tyre width 50mm
Fits HYPA & SUPERSTAR hub or any other 3.75 inch rims
Weight: 250g