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Trampa Ultimate TITANIUM Truck für Mounainboards

159,00 €
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The Ultimate TITANIUM Truck - Black ANODISED Hanger with Anodised Baseplate TITANIUM Axles & TITANIUM Kingpin.

Sehr leichte Chanel Truck: nur 780 Gramm pro Achse.

Mit Titanium Kingping.

9.525mm Achsen Durchmesser.

Lieferumfang: 1 X Achse/Truck

TRAMPA's ULTIMATE TRUCK is a slimmed down, super light-weight version of the original Infinity Truck BUT 30% lighter!! Made in exactly the same way, using CAST Alloy for the body of the HANGER, it is CNC machined removing the bulk of the material, reducing weight substantially, without altering any of its critical strength. The ULTIMATE hanger is fitted with 9.525mm TITANIUM AXLES instead of the regular 12mm Solid Steel axles found on the INFINITY Trucks or the 12mm Hollow Steel Axles on the VERTIGO Truck. TITANIUM is 10 times stronger (when compared weight for weight) but weighs less than half the weight of steel & will NEVER RUST!!

The Alloy Hanger is attached to an Aerospace Grade Aluminum Baseplate. The Aluminum comes as a block & is rammed through an Extrusion mould, coming out the other side as one long piece a bit like Playdoh! It gets T6 HEAT TREATED gaining maximum molecular strength during the process, before the precision CNC machine goes to work creating the final shape & removing excess material reducing weight but not effecting any of its critical strength n the process.

The Hanger & Baseplate 'Kingpin Holes' are also CNC precision milled, insuring the Trucks assemble like a dream. Nylon Bushings are inserted into the Kingpin Holes supplying a flush connection, eliminating potential wear between the moving metal parts. The TITANIUM KINGPIN pushes through the Kingpin Holes connecting the 2 integral parts together, allowing the steering to happen... Everything fixes together perfectly enabling the ULTIMATE TRUCKS to provide problem free precision riding! 

SPRINGS, loaded with TRAMPA DAMPA's are squeezed by hand, into the mounting positions between the Hanger & Baseplate. When anchored in position they give resistance to the steering. The steering resistance can be pre-set to your weight, riding ability & personal preference by changing the TRAMPA DAMPA to a stiffer/softer hardness. TRAMPA DAMPA's come in 5 different hardness's to suit all riding styles. The springs can also be ADJUSTED on the fly! By using a 4mm Allen Key you can further TUNE your steering by turning the SPRING ADJUSTER clockwise to give TIGHTER STEERING (fast riding) & turning anti-clockwise to give LOOSE STEERING (Carve riding). You can quickly adjust your board relevant to the conditions or terrain ahead... As your riding will improve over time you will demand more pre-tension from your steering, so don't over tighten your springs, instead change your Dampa's to something a little harder.

18.2mm spacers position the Wheels on the 9.525mm axles in the perfect location & 7/16ths of an Inch MGSS Half nuts screwed on at the end of the axle stop the wheel from working loose....

Super Strong & MEGA Lightweight (Forged & CNC'd) Hanger - POWDER COATED
9.525mm Mega Lightweight SOLID TITANIUM Axles - 16 Inch Wide
Mega lightweight ULTIMATE CNC Baseplate - Powdercoated
Dual Sprimg Position - INSIDE for easy Carving OUTSIDE for High Speed Stability .
Pre-compressible Springs for fine tuning your steering to your preference .
67mm Powder Coated Springs
Re-enforced MGST Spring retainer - No Fiddly washers to fit!
Add DAMPA's to gain maximum high speed stability .
Includes custom DAMPA's to compliment your riding style .
Mega Light Weight Rust Proof TITANIUM Kingpin
Marine Grade Stainless Steel Nuts Bolts & Washers
Fits to - Fits to 35º TRAMPA Mountainboard Decks
ULTIMATE ATB Hanger Solid 9.525mm TITANIUM Axle - Powder Coated WHITE
CUSTOM TRAMPA Spring Truck Baseplate's
8mm TITANIUM King Pin - Half the weight of steel!
Kingpin Bushings 2.5mm Base - for Spring Trucks
M8 x 1.5mm Form B Kingpin Washer Marine Grade Stainless steel
M6 Washer Form B - Marine Grade Stainless Steel
M6 Nut - Marine Grade Stainless steel Nylock nut
Custom Colour Spring
Trampa Spring Retainer - No Awkward Washers to fit
Spring Adjuster - Marine Grade Stainless Steel
M5 x 10mm Countersunk Bolt - Marine Grade Stainless steel
9.525 x 18.2mm Axle support Spacer for 9.525mm ATB axles
3/8ths Inch Axle Nut - Marine Grade Stainless steel Nylock HALF nut
Weight: 780g